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SEO Rules and Terminology
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SEO (search engine optimization) is the art and science of obtaining top positions on the Internet for websites. This mysterious trade is often frustrating and perplexing to the average home business owner. They think that they have a viable product or service that everyone is searching for. They believe that their latest and greatest widget is something that everyone needs to have. They think, that everyone surfing is looking to build home businesses. They absolutely are convinced that if they obtain a top position on a high traffic keyword phrase, that money will flow into their pockets almost effortlessly.
My job and my passion is obtaining top spots on Google for sites. After working with a large number of clients over the years, the typical home business owner has a tendency to believe that their new pre-launch business is the best on the planet, but they fail to realize that the home business industry is a rather small niche market compared to what the top searches are on Google. After analyzing the top 1000 most searched keyword terms, I found that home business is not even close to coming up on the search engines. This may surprise some people, as home business entrepreneurs tend to think that everyone is looking to build a work from home business, but this is simply not the case.
Nearly everyone believes that if they only held a page one rank on Google for home based business, the money would flow like wine into the pocket. I tend to disagree wholeheartedly with that statement. It is an aggressive keyword category and their are many entries, but will you get rich quick by being there? Absolutely not.
When you are thinking about hiring an seo master, or firm to handle your online promoting, there are questions that need to be asked. You need to become educated somewhat in the ways that obtaining top positions are formulated. You need to become aware of the basic elements of an seo campaign. Never take for granted that the person or firm that you have hired knows all the steps needed to get traffic to websites. There are many search engine optimization services operating today that are designed to take your money, and simply add your site links to an automated service of some kind. They have accomplished what they said that they would do. These questions should give you a brief rundown of things that you need to know concerning seo.
1. What makes a good marketing website?
This question is simple and complex in nature. A good marketing site contains the necessary elements that the search engine spiders look for when they place information on top positions. The basic elements that need to be reckoned with are:
a. Title
b. Metatag Description
c. Keywords
d. Ad Content
When you arrange these simple elements correctly, then, and only then, are you ready to begin the quest for a top position. Any qualified seo firm should be totally aware of these elements, and if they are not, you should take your business elsewhere. I have dealt with some of the top webdesigners in the country, and undoubtedly, most of them do not even consider these critical elements. They are more concerned with the look and feel of the site, and not with the essential ingredients found within that site.
2. What is a backlink?
A backlink is simply another live link on the Internet that directs back to the site that is being promoted. The ultimate goal of an seo campaign is to create many backlinks, therefore causing an increase in notoriety and presence for the site. Backlink production takes time and a hands on approach to accomplish correctly. These backlinks should be produced by writing press releases, ezine articles, blog posting and forum posting. Any seo company that uses some automated software secret program is not the real deal.
3. How long does it take to get a top position on Google?
This is a question that cannot be answered. Typically, a new website domain will need to go through a testing phase on the Internet, before any position is obtained at all. This is called the Google Sandbox. It is simply a way to test the url to see if it is going to contain good information, or conversely, harmful material. This testing phase can take several months. You see, a domain needs to age before it is truly effective. Older domains that have been in circulation are much more effective than just purchased ones.
4. What sort of traffic can I expect by hiring an seo firm?
Traffic is not the issue involved in pure seo. You want visitors who are viewing your information with interest. I care not how many people surf to the site, I am only concerned with visitors that are searching for your particular niche. This is where sales will be made. I am sure that you have seen the emails that claim one million visitors to your site for only $39.95. This is nothing more than these people submitting your sites to some FFA pages automatically. People are not looking at these links. This is just another way that people remove money from your pocket, while you think that you are really accomplishing something great for a really low price. Anyone that advertises top rankings on Google within 72 hours, needs to be totally disregarded by you.
5. Is my affiliate site promotable on Google?
I would say that I have never seen an affiliate website that contains even the most basic elements needed for a top position on Google. I have seen businesses that cost upwards of $4000 that had the absolute worst affiliate sites that I have ever seen. They had no title, no metatag descriptions, no keywords, and bad ad content. I would suppose that buyer beware comes into full play when thinking about joining an online business?
6. Will I make sales if I hire an SEO company to take over my online promoting?
No credible SEO firm operating on Google today will make that sort of claim. It is a known fact that even if top positions are obtained, there is no way to predict whether the site visitor will choose to contact, or buy, your product or service. SEO is all about getting qualified visitors to your site. From there, the ball is in their court. If you have a stable product, a good business plan, a reliable company and a known state of effectiveness, then you might stand a good chance of making sales. Conversely, if your product or service is vague, not needed and simply represented to be the latest and greatest widget on the planet, then you may not make sales, even with a top position on Google.
7. What is the midrange cost of SEO?
Choosing a top level SEO company will be a costly procedure for you. I have seen companies touting claims of top positions on Internet for only $99. This is the Wal-Mart mentality at work. They are simply going to take your site, add it to some automated service, and you will be left holding the bag. True search engine optimization by qualified masters of marketing will cost money. There is no doubt that I am not going to conduct a legitimate seo campaign out of the goodness of my heart. My SEO ratings on Google speak for themselves. When you hire me for search engine optimization and top rankings, you will be hiring the best, therefore, you will pay. You will receive my knowledge and expertise in literally every are that I pursue. I have spent years in the process of learning seo and work incredibly hard to provide needed assistance in marketing effectively on the Internet.
Most home business owners will not see instant results when hiring a qualified SEO firm. It is safe that say that the overall success of any website can and will take upwards of six months to one year to gain solid ground. There are no quick fixes on the Internet. The whole process is based on consistency, effort, writing original copy, building backlinks and several other elements that need be laid into place for maximum effort.
Search engine optimization techniques are in a constant state of flux. What works today, may not work tomorrow, but will work the next day. It is all about testing, innovating and trying new techniques that are effective. There is one solid rule of thumb to follow on Google. That is the fact that content is the king. When you accomplish writing the best original content, with the best elements of website construction laid solidly into place, then your efforts will see marked notoriety and presence. Google is all about good information. When you place good information, benefits and solutions firmly where there is traffic, then you have a very good chance of seeing responses to your business.